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Quality policy

To achieve customer's delight by performing each task defect free first time, every time and on time through team work and continual improvement in each and every process of the organisation

Pacolls Believes

  • Innovative Products
  • High Standards
  • Rich Experience
  • Committed Culture
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Technical Support to Customers
  • Generation next Approach

Special Features

  • Vision friendly shapes with simplified opening and closing caps.
  • Parison wall thickness will be controlled by a closed look proportional servo hydaulic system.
  • Designed to get drained 100% contents.
  • Geometrically critical designed to fold in for face to face storage.
  • More printing faces for marking.
  • Excellent service life - high resale value.
  • Open Top drums designed to universal standards.
  • Excellent Drop impact and stacking strength.
  • Containers sizes correct to optimum space utilization of exporting.
  • Easy to handle and fully stackable.
  • Customized Multicolour Printing.
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